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February 18, 2003

i love portfolio

well, I finally got around to re-indexing my image cds. I am done with 13 of 50+ and I have already found images for new pieces and old images that simply need to be printed.
Too bad Canto has been so damn slow with the OS X conversion. Oh well. Screw em.
Now if only portfolio had more keyboard shortcuts.
I still need to start on my own app to index video files and generate batch capture lists. The stuff I have seen for this focuses solely on logging and then capturing. I want to be able to search for subclips in my archived, off-line tape captures and generate FCP projects for those files.
Hmmm. This post is not particularly all together. Kinda scattered today.....

February 10, 2003

digging into movable type

aside from being a great way to keep a notebook/journal of my current state of mind, movable type is a great little perl application.

I am starting to break it down and see what makes it tick.

From a web design perspective, they have done everything right. XHTML compliance, stylesheets for the design, etc. I haven't looked far enough to see if the actual application is as flexible.

What I like the most about MT is that it is built around a set of custom modules. This is the model I want to look into more deeply. A mod_perl approach would be great, but obviously require more configuration when the application is deployed.

I will update as I dig into it.

February 8, 2003

Yay! Did it!!!

Allright, now we're talking.

I finally have php 4.3.0, MySQL 3.23.X, apache 1.3.27 and mod_perl 1.27 installed!

I ripped out the default perl install from redhat 8, as well as php, mysql and mod_perl, since they were all using the latest stuff. I, of course, only have books and tuts on mod_perl 1. grrr.

Anyway, I have some books coming from Sams for mod_perl and apache 1/2 stuff, so that should help out with that.

Tracey, Juliana and I will be heading out to do a little shopping here in a little bit, but when we get back, more Perl!!!!


February 7, 2003

lots of configuration

well, last night I recompiled perl 5.8.0 on my redhat 8 system.

It actually went pretty smoothly, but there were latin8->utf8 problems. I don't actually know what that means, but i had trouble compiling a bunch of modules. ;)