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Take that, Metroid Fusion!

I was never a big metroid fan. Never had anything against, it, but many other NES games kept me busy. Final Fantasy, Dragon Warrior, Kid Icarus, Castlevania to name a few.
Maybe I never had time (or took the time) for Samus and her fight.
Bill lent Metroid Fusion to me last saturday and after 6:44 of gameplay and 51% of the items found, I have beaten the omega metroid.
The game is great, and not just because I have been playing it on my new GBA SP. The graphics are nice and the cut scenes have great 2D art and simple animation. The hardest thing about the game for me is the control of the character. I think i am just used to slower paced games, so when I needed to use the L button to aim diagonally, it was very very jerky. The beauty of this game, however, is in the patterns. Samus acquires new weapons and you need to learn some new moves. Bosses are like puzzles where the goal is to decipher the movements and wait for safety or move in to attack.

All in all, I enjoyed this game from the second I turned it on right up to the very end.