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Happy Valentine's Day

I know that Valentine's day is a Hallmark holiday and all, but seeing Juliana diligently cutting out dozens of hand colored paper heart cards for her classmates warmed even my cold, cold heart.

So on this day of Valentine's, where coworkers are attempting to buy wondrous gifts for ridiculously underwhelming budgets, and friends are spending extreme amounts on "this special night" i have a very simple statement.

To my girls (all three of them) i send these words of love: Thank you all for being here with me. Thank you for making me laugh at 3:30 in the morning when you can't sleep because you are so excited about a field trip the next morning. Thank you for asking me to sing the theme song to "My Neighbor Totoro" when I tuck you into bed. Thank you for wrapping your arms around me when i walk in the door from work. Thank you for letting me teach you about art and music, and teaching me how to do beautiful things in return. That you for learning to love comic books. Thanks for being a nerd (secretly. your secret is safe with me). Thank you for dancing and coyly waving for company.

In conclusion, thank you for loving me in return (especially you, Tracey. It is easier for the girls to love me. :) ). Smooch!

Hey, it isn't thanksgiving? What gives with this message? Someone should teach me how to respect the holidays.


Am I the one who dances and waves coyly at company? Maybe if I've had too many glasses of wine? :-)

You are becoming a softy in your old age.


Is it weird for me to comment on this post? Hmm. But I can't resist because it's just so friggin' sweet. Now, armed with your warm 'n' fuzzies, I'm gonna brave the sleet and go to the gym.