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Crossing the Hoan Bridge

Approaching the Hoan

Since we live in Bayview, we end up using the Hoan Bridge quite a bit. It is a cool bridge that has a lot more history than i realized. I had always recalled hearing the Hoan called "The Bridge to Nowhere" (immediately causing the Talking Heads song "Road To Nowhere" to nestle into my brain), but i didn't really know the full story. While searching around for the proper spelling of the Hoan (Hohne? Hohn? Hone?) i came across a more elaborate history of the Hoan Bridge at the Wisconsin Highways web site. Pretty neat stuff. I had always thought that the bridge was only completed in the 21st century, but I was wrong. A section collapsed and was brought down for repairs in late 2000. Crazy!

Lake Michigan from 794 on the Hoan Bridge

I snapped these two shots off the bridge on a recent trip to the park with the girls. Ya gotta love the Holga + really old neg film + brilliant blue + good scanner combination.