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MacHeist - cheap software to raise money for charities

MacHeist is a sale that is running right now (the deal ends on january 23rd) that packages up a bunch of great independent mac software for a bundle price of $49. Now, this is a deal in and of itself (some of the software goes for more than 50 dollars by itself), but you can elect to send 25% of your purchase prices to one or all of a set of charities listed on the site. As of right now, they have raised $75,000 for charity and if they hit $100,000, they will also add PixelMator, the really lovely looking, layer-based image editing application, to the mix.

I purchased my bundle today after a friend from work pointed me to it and i am pretty excited. Snapz Pro and iStopMotion are the standouts to me and i can't wait to start making some animated shorts with my girls. :)

So if you are reading this and have a mac, what are you waiting for??? If you want to give this deal a shot, you can use my referral link.