August 2, 2006

Printing fun!

BIll and i bought a new Epson r2400 printer. This is an 8 ink printer with swappable black inks optimized for matte or photo printing. We are using the machine with our macs via firewire and it is fast, quiet and gorgeous.

So far, we have worked with the Matte Paper Heavyweight, the Velvet Fine Art Paper and the Premium Luster Photo Paper. The Matte Paper Heavyweight is ok, with good tonal range, but a delicate surface and a lackluster low end. We have had to throw a more contrasty image at this paper to get good results. The Velvet Fine Art paper is gorgeous - when we print on the correct side. The instructions say to print on the "whiter" side of the paper. Neither of us (or most people on photo message boards!) can tell the difference! One poster suggested rubbing the paper gently to find the rougher side. We also found that the paper is printable side up in the envelope if you are looking at the instructions that come in the plastic wrapping for the paper. Once we found that out, we marked it with a sharpie so we don't put our oily fingerprints all over that beautiful paper.

The velvet paper has beautiful blacks and is a really rich paper. This was my favorite to print on.

I should say that the velvet was my favorite to print on, until we switched to photo black and ran a print through on the Premium Luster. When the print came out i felt like i was back in my college color darkroom pulling a matte print out of the processor. The paper has a weight to it that is really nice, thanks to its rc base, and a slightly pebbled surface that is not distracting at all. The tone was virtually idental on this paper to the same print on the Velvet Fine Art paper, but the blacks were much richer and it had a sheen to the surface.

My only complaint with working with the Luster paper is that the profile makes the prints much darker than they are on screen. While profiles are never perfect, the velvet and matte paper profiles required very minor adjustments to make accurate prints. For the Luster, i took the midpoint of the RGB curve and brought it up by 5-10%, which seems pretty drastic.

So far, it looks like i will be using the matte paper heavyweight for proofing and more throwaway stuff, with the final destination for some of my images will be the Velvet or the Luster. More detailed reports to come as we work more with this fabulous new printer!

September 6, 2005

Polaroid Colorpack II

I have been carrying around an old Polaroid Colorpack II land camera for a few years now. It has followed me from apartment to apartment, but i never bothered to see if i could still get film for it until this weekend.

To my surprise, i could get film for it. This camera takes Polaroid 100 series film, which is fairly readily available. This kind of film comes in packs of 10 and peels apart. The one i have still even has a dozen unused flashbulbs in the case!

Before i read the loading instructions here: [HowTo: Using a Polaroid Pack Camera] i ruined one of the packs of film. Goodbye 12 dollars! I didn't need you anyway.

After reading the instructions, I loaded the film with no trouble and managed to get a few shots off. I posted the first four as a set on flickr.


February 9, 2005

benefit rock/art show press

Yay! Juliana has received her first press mention for the upcoming show at Mad Planet. :)

Read the blurb at OnMilwaukee

February 1, 2005

never give up

On the ride home from the train station tonight, Juliana said to me, "Daddy, I am never going to give up on being an artist." I think she means it. We have a 6 inch high stack of recent (last month or so) drawings and paintings to back those words up. :)

Also, we received the comps for the new Chariots Race album, featuring one of Juliana's photographs on the cover. It looks great. I will post it up shortly if everyone in the band is cool with it going out now. I can't wait to see the album go to press.

January 24, 2005

Rock for the Hungry, Milwaukee WI

Juliana and I are participating in a benefit show that Greg Stefke of Chariots Race has put together for the Hunger Task Force of Milwaukee.

Rock for the Hungry

To benefit the Hunger Task Force of Milwaukee

Saturday, Feb.12 @ Mad Planet, 533 E Center St, Milwaukee, WI

If anyone has links for the other artists, let me know and I will update this.

Featured Artists: * Carmen Benske * Too Much Metal For One Hand * Andre St. Louis * John-Luke Fredricks * Bruce Pattison * Jason Gessner * Juliana Gessner * Madilyn Larsh

All-ages Show: Door 3:30 / Show 4:00 * 4:00 Mandates * 4:45 Modern Machines * 5:30 The Mustníts * 6:15 Chariots Race * 7:00 Haymarket Riot * 7:45 Call Me Lightning

Drinking Show: Door 9:00 / Show 9:30 * 9:30 Supervillains * 10:15 The Black Hats * 11:00 The Mustníts * 11:45 Davey Von Bohlen (from the Promise Ring) * 12:30 Chariots Race * 1:15 Haymarket Riot

September 8, 2004

Mrs. Shryack-Pagh, my high school art teacher

My high school art teacher, Mrs. Shryack-Pagh had a huge influence on me and helped me keep my sanity during high school. I went on to the photography program at Columbia College Chicago partly because i had such a strong art program all through high school. This will be nice to be a part of.

From the Rockford Register Star:

Teacher's former students sought for ArtScene

And, their art.

This fall's ArtScene will have an exhibit called "A Tribute to Teacher" to honor Margo Shryack-Pagh, who taught 33 years at Guilford and Auburn high schools. She retired at the end of the 2003-04 school year. Student Amy Chavez, 16, says her former teacher went above and beyond, including sharing her prep time with students who wanted to take an art class but couldn't fit it into their budget-crunch-shortened schedules. "She just truly enjoyed what she was doing," says Chavez, now a senior at Auburn.

Belles Firm of Architecture, 1001 E. Jefferson, will showcase Shryack-Pagh's and her students' artwork. ArtScene will be held around Rockford from 5 to 9 p.m. Oct. 1 and 2. Any of Shryack-Pagh's students are welcome to exhibit their work. For more information, call Lynn Belles at 815-961-0504.

March 22, 2004

Art & Fear

Just started reading Art & Fear by David Bayles & Ted Orland. Inkdroid loaned it to me a couple of weeks ago. 2 chapters in and i found this part that I like a lot:

Operating Manual For Not Quitting
A. Make friends with others who make art,
and share your in-progress work with each
other frequently.
B. Learn to think of [A], rather than the
Museum of Modern Art, as the destination for
your work. (Look at it this way: If all goes
well, MOMA will eventually come to you.)

March 21, 2004

nice pinhole photography

A couple of weeks ago, at flatfile, I ran into a woman I used to work with, Dana Day, who has done some really nice pinhole work. She gave me a flyer for her upcoming shows (listed below) and it also has a note on it about World Wide Pinhole Day, which is April 25th. I am going to try to participate in it and build a cool camera with Juliana.

If you are in Chicago and want to check out some of Dana's pinhole work, you can catch her here:

  • DreamBox Foto & Gallery
    2415 W. North Ave
    Chicago, IL
    March 1 - 31, 2004

  • CCT Gallery
    1012 N. Noble
    Chicago, IL
    June 25 - September 17, 2004
    Opening Friday, June 25 5:30 - 7:30 PM

Also, BoingBoing (i believe) pointed me towards this cool old Czech pinhole camera model that takes 35 millimeter roll film called the Dirkon. Looks fun!

August 14, 2003

pics of juli's new art kit

Here are the pics of juli's cool new art kit. She has been having a blast with it.

August 13, 2003

juliana's big win

I put juliana's name in to a raffle jar for a pretty nice art kit at the Bartlett Art Fair on Sunday. On monday morning I recived a call that she had won the kit! The contest was sponsored by kidzartIL, a national program that has a local branch here in Bartlett. The kit has oil paints(bad), acrylic paints(bad), watercolors (messy, but doable), markers (she loves 'em), colored pencils (great) and pastels (messy, but doable). She has been loving it. I will post some pics up in a bit.

August 10, 2003

bartlett art fair

i took juliana to the first annual bartlett art fair today.

It was your standard small town art fair. lots of landscapes and pottery.

However, the Bartlett High School photography department had a pretty great show. I spoke to their teacher for a little while and the program is pretty impressive. 6 levels of classes. I had to pretty much weasel my way into the newspaper at my school to get into the darkroom. Once I had the in, though, it was pretty sweet. I had a key to the darkroom and pretty much spent my senior year of high school in the darkroom.

I want to get the teacher at the Bartlett program in touch with the director of Flatfile, so the students can check out the gallery and talk to some "real" artists. Ha.

July 29, 2003

27 days promo video

I finally located the promo video for my 27 Days: Self-Portrait or Stop Motion Still Life video.

The video was made from a webcam still shot every 30 seconds for 27 days. Tracey made a great soundtrack for the piece.

Here are links to the promo in mpeg-4 format:
small medium large

June 14, 2003

sketch for a new video piece

I have finally started on a new video piece. This is extremely rough, out-take-ish quality material, but that is OK. It is a start. I am working with some photographs of hot air balloons taken by my grandfather.

View the sketch:

May 29, 2003

ArtNet note


In a blurb on yesterday's ArtNet news about Flatfile's recent expansion (congratulations, Susan!!!), my piece ORD 09112001 (quicktime required) was given a positive review.

Also, if you have not had a chance to make it to the new flatfilecontemporary space it is fabulous. Make some time to go over there and congratulate Susan, Aaron and David on their new space and great show.

Also, see my original posting about the piece and the show: ORD 09112001 @ FLATFILE April 25th

May 17, 2003

art chicago clarification

Art Chicago 2003let me clarify on the title of my previous post...
Art Chicago is "America's finest international exposition of modern and contemporary art." ... or so their website says.
If you have never attended Art Chicago, it is sort of like an insanely expensive flea market. Only, instead of old Playboys, comic books and shotguns, there are pictures of guys with boobs, old master paintings, crappy new media pieces and the occasional gem.

Continue reading "art chicago clarification" »

May 11, 2003

art chicago sucked it

i paid 12 bucks to go see art chicago. Out of an entire exhibition hall there was not a whole lot of interesting work happening.

korea was well represented (quality and quantity), US not so much.

I will have more details (and some pics soon).

chuck has some pics from our trip. I have started a draft of my thoughts on Art Chicago and some other art world issues in general. Look for that entry in a day or two.

April 14, 2003

ORD 09112001 @ FLATFILE April 25th

My video piece ORD 09112001 (quicktime files coming soon) will be showcased in FLATFILE photography's project space starting April 25th, 2003 @ 5pm.

view the piece (quicktime required)

April 6, 2003

new titles (from the transmigration of timothy archer)

Maybe my mind would give up trying to solve problems in terms of recycled words. Used phrases, bits ripped from here and there: fragments from my days at Cal in which I had memorized but not understood, understood but not applied, applied but never successfully. (p 201)

My opportunity to change was offered to me and I turned it down; I am stuck, now, and, as I say, know but know not what. (p 214)

mug shot gallery.

juliana is a much better draftsman than I am. ;)

new titles (from the divine invasion)

Probably it was necessary that he not remember. Had he been able to recall into consciousness everything, the basis of it all, then the government would have killed him. (the divine invasion p 50)

At once she turned. And as she turned he saw her change. Her nose became different and instead of a girl he saw now a grown woman wearing a metal mask pushed bak so that it revealed her face, a Greek face; and the mask, he realized, was the war mask. (the divine invasion p 50)

Dancing certainly was the right answer; in his mind he could see her dancing, with all the troop, burning the grass beneath their feet, leaving it scorched and the minds of men disoriented. (the divine invasion p 68)

Now, as he sat leaning over her, he saw her eyes shine; he saw spaes beyond her eyes, and if he were looking into something empty, containing huge stretches of space. (the divine invasion p 93) [and should be as???]

Your world obliges you, and that gives it away for what it is. My world is stubborn. It will not yield. A recalcitrant and implacable world is a real world. (the divine invasion p 163)

"I don't mean to compound your troubles, but you are the most fucked-up human being I have ever met. And I see a lot of different kinds of people." (the divine invasion p 211)

"We will win. We have already won. We have always already won, from the beginning, from before reation. What do you take in your coffee? I forget." (the divine invasion p 237)

new titles (from valis)

what he did with the Xerox one, which really wasn't a letter in the strictest sense of the term, I do not to this day know, nor do I want to know. (valis, p 106)

And then as I wake up more I realize that I am living in an apartment in southern California alone. I have no wife. There is no such house, with the back garden and the high retaining wall with wild rose bushes. (valis p 114)

attempting to salvage something from the wreck of his life, had decided to go in search of the Savior. He would find him wherever he was. (valis p 123)

The lights dimmed; the audience of teenagers fell silent (valis p 139)

This means that good will make evil into what evil does not wish to be; but evil will not be able to make good into what good does not wish to be. Evil serves good, despite its cunning. (valis p 200)

March 18, 2003

Blue Opening @ Flatfile

Blue opens friday, March 21, 2003 @ 6pm at FLATFILEphotographyGALLERY in Chicago's lovely West Loop gallery district.

My piece

"Well, now," thought I to myself, "it is plain I must lie where I am, and not disturb the balance; but it is plain, also, that I can put the paddle over the side and from time to time, in smooth places, give her a shove or two toward land."

will be sharing space in the project room with some wonderful work by Monika Merva and Zandy Mangold.

February 18, 2003

i love portfolio

well, I finally got around to re-indexing my image cds. I am done with 13 of 50+ and I have already found images for new pieces and old images that simply need to be printed.
Too bad Canto has been so damn slow with the OS X conversion. Oh well. Screw em.
Now if only portfolio had more keyboard shortcuts.
I still need to start on my own app to index video files and generate batch capture lists. The stuff I have seen for this focuses solely on logging and then capturing. I want to be able to search for subclips in my archived, off-line tape captures and generate FCP projects for those files.
Hmmm. This post is not particularly all together. Kinda scattered today.....