May 14, 2004

my take on the new movable type licensing/software

I thought I had retired the movable type gripes category, but alas and alack, Mena, Ben, Anil and the rest of that wacky six apart crew has given much of the blog happy internet reason to groan this week.

The gory details come from the post, Mena's Corner: It's About Time at the sixapart site.

I have been waiting for MT3 to come out for a long time. I participated in the alpha and the beta and i have to say i am not impressed. Not that 3.0 is not a good piece of software, but it is almost purely an update to 2.6 with a new layout for the admin tool. The only 2 new features are the ATOM API support, which is incredibly poorly documented, and the TypeKey integration. Now, I understand that sixapart wants to have a lovely little monopoly on the blogging tools market, but i don't want someone who comments on my site to have to register with my site OR anyone else's to call me a jackass or suggest a link I missed for a story. They did add comment moderation, which is what i have been waiting for, but the math just doesn't add up for this update.

I run almost a dozen blogs for friends and family with movable type simply because i can control it and just turn them loose with a simple username and password. No muss, no fuss for me as sysadmin and friend helping friend. Now, with this new license, I will have to shell out $700 bucks just so my wife can keep our friends and family aprised of the girl's latest exploits, her friend can ramble, I can ramble and keep track of some code updates and friends can archive their dream lives.
Now, call me crazy, but that is bullshit. Ben Trott writes some beautiful perl code, but the thing about a blogging system is that they are not terribly complicated. And movable type has yet to add anything terribly compelling to make me care about it more than Blosxom (perl) or WordPress (php).

Feh. I expected more. Especially since they took their sweet time getting a new version together. And now they have money! Funding and everything, and they come out with a mediocre product and an outrageous price tag. Feh.

So, i think I will keep my 2.661 install for friends and family and then start looking for greener pastures for myself. As if I don't have enough to do.

September 24, 2003

a list should not be a hack

My "iTunes, Therefore I Am" sidebar is based on a category dedicated to it, that accepts trackbacks. That is ridiculous.
Lists are so common that we need a simple way to make them. A list is different than an entry. Lists need to be their own thing.
A list needs entries that consist of a single item. To make things simple, we could leave the item up to the user, so if it was a link, it could be a link. If it was simply text, it could be simply text.

August 29, 2003


So. I am putting together the materials for my blogging talk and am reminded of another crappy thing about movable type.
When you post, the next page loads up a page telling you about your pings. Then it goes to another page that tells you about rebuilding. And so on.
All of this is done with onLoad events from the body tag. This makes the little task of posting with titles AND categories via WWW::Mechanize a little more difficult. After i make the post, I have to use a regexp to pull out the URL from the onLoad and then make a request and then use a regexp to pull out the URL. At least 2 more pages are needed to finish posting. That is ridiculous. The APIs do not let you specify a category without a separate request. Feh.

Anyway, here are the examples I was talking about:
WWW::Mechanize examples

August 4, 2003

weirdness with mod_perl

if i switch the site over to mod_perl I start getting errors about not finding modules. Different modules each time, too.
probably chalking this up to mod_perl ignorance, but we shall see.....

May 25, 2003

mobile test

hi from my phone!!! actually, this part was written from my laptop. This is because the bookmarklets use javascript and lots of it. My phone uses Blazer 2.0 and doesn't do JS. grrr by itself, but the MT folks could get away with less JS. Or at least check for it. Some things can be done by refreshing the page and not relying on JS to do it for you.

April 5, 2003

image/asset handling

there is no browse function for images that you may already have uploaded. Likewise, there are no helper functions for flash/shockwave/quicktime, etc.

i will be trying to correct that once I start my movable type replacement. :)

more details soon.