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krazy kat 1925-1926

bill blackbeard may be alienating or insulting as many people that may otherwise GET interested in Krazy Kat in his introduction to the fantagraphics book, KRAZY AND IGNATZ in "THERE IS A HEPPY LEND - FURFUR A-WAAY" THE KOMPLETE KAT KOMICS 1925 & 1926.

He decries the ignorant masses of the present day and editors of the 20s and 30s for not "getting" krazy kat. Ok. Fine bill. Act like the snotty dicks at the record store who are cooler than the customers because they know what albums are coming out. Instead of offering the reader something useful or interesting, what we get is a slight, bitter introduction.


This is a shame. The work itself is magnificent, the chris ware design for the book is very subtle and the reproductions are great. I was just left with an ugly feeling after the intro.