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i love chicago comics!!!

i missed the fabulous free comic book day, but one of the friendly folks at chicago comics said, "Were you the guy asking about the peanut butter and jeremy?" "no," I said. "Hmm. Well, i think we have some of the free comic book day comics left. let me get you one." "Cool. thanks!"
Yeah, that was cool.

Also cool is the bag of comics I walked out with:
Magic Boy & The Robot Elf by James Kochalka
Berlin #s 8 & 9 by Jason Lutes
Oddville! by Jay Stephens
Fantastic Butterflies by James Kochalka

Yay! Add to that pile of joy a good Thai dinner with Chuck and it has been a good evening. :)


Sounds like a nice evening! When you get done with most of those, I'd like to borrow them if that is okay. :) Yay comics!