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punch drunk love

I saw this movie right after seeing a digital projection of Spirited Away at McClurg in Chicago. The movie itself is fabulous, but the projection and its dust and scratches really, really bothered me.
Anyway. That was months ago. Yesterday, tracey brought the new 2-disc DVD set home for me as a gift. Yay me. :) Combine that with my new laptop and I am a fairly happy guy. The DVD looks fabulous on the Wega. Mmmmmmm. I love the size of a movie screen, but few screens around here treat movies as they need to be treated. My wega on the other hand looks fabulous and I don't have to leave the house.
The bonus materials disc is kinda thin (a fake commercial, 1 long form and 12 short form music videos or vignettes ["Scopitones"] and more artwork) but the film itself is worth getting the DVD.
I just now also got around to looking into who did the wonderful art for the movie. Jeremy Blake. Amazing digital animation and video work. This site is kinda hideous but has some good info. I will try to dig up more links later.
More Jeremy Blake Links:
Digital Utopia by Elisabeth Kley, from ArtNet.com



No, my site is not "hideous" but : "personal".

I know that i'm not an artist :'-( , my site is not supposed to win any web awards . On my site, we can find many never seen interviews , photos & videos i've done for "my" 20.000 Punch-Drunk Love's fans.



Man. The world is a small place. Sorry for the dig, damien. If it is any consolation I did link to your site because it had the best info I could find on the movie and the artist. :)


Thanks jason,

i'm glad to read that ...
... Ok ... you're forgiven.

I promise you my next site ( On the next Paul-Thomas Anderson's Movie) will be less hideous than my first one ;)
( i'll try )