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angel season one - not as bad as I remembered

tracey and I started watching Angel - Season One last night. It was not nearly as bad as I remembered. The trademark Joss Whedon humor is intact and the episodes are shot really well. I still don't like the Kate character (tough girl cop, with father/trust issues). The actress that played that role was pretty flat. Although the rest of the Angel gang doesn't file in until season 2 (Wesley's rogue demon hunter is classic), the set is pretty nice.

Oh. Note to fox. Label the DVDs so we can find out which episodes have commentary WITHOUT putting each one in the player and going to EACH AND EVERY STINKIN MENU!!!! The Buffy dvd sets are like that as well. The commentaries on the shows are great, so why make them that hard to find?


I always liked those first few episodes. They're a little uneven, but still enjoyable. I have to agree with you about the Kate character. They never really developed her into anything interesting and I'm glad she was written out of the show. Wesley actually joins the cast in season one, so you'll see the Rogue Demon Hunter soon enough.