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here come the SKOGS!!!

Now, armed with only a pdaphone, a server with sendmail, a free sketch program and a 40 dollar palmOS email app, you too can run your very own SKOG!
What is a skog you may be asking yourself? Well, step right up!
SKOG is a gawky combination of the words sketch and log. Kind of like BLOG is part of the word weblog (despite a weblog being, for the most part, an IIS or Apache log file and NOT a journal-ish, slashdot-ish site).
View the very first SKOG right here at multiply.org
The SKOG setup is a variation on the moblogging stuff I set up for setpixel this weekend. As i clean up the source and add some basic security I will post it up for consumption here. If you are dying to get your hands on it and are comfortable with some perl, email me and let me know that you just gotta have that wacky code!


Hmmm. Not so sure about the term "SKOG", but PDA drawings are fun. If you haven't already, you should check out http://www.pocketpig.com She has been keeping a daily journal since 2000 of what she eats by posting PDA drawings of each meal. Fun stuff.