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28 days later

i headed to the beautiful machesney park mall to see 28 Days Later. Actually, the machesney park mall is not particularly beautiful, but we did have some time to play marvel vs. capcom in the abandoned arcade. bill is good at fighting games. Me, not so much. He beat me with a controller that didn't quite work. That means I suck.
But, speaking of things that don't suck, Danny Boyle's 28 Days Later was much better than I expected. I had only heard one review (from Fresh Air on NPR - {archived show}) that said it had a little extra. That was definitely true. The gore was much less than I thought, and the horror came more from the humans in the movie than the zombies.
The first 6 minutes of the movie are up on apple's trailer site.
The DV look of the film is much better in the darker scenes than in the bright scenes as far as edges and detail goes, but the color of the film is a great mix of dark, bland, and bright light.
The alternate ending that was shown was ok, but didn't seem to keep up with some of the themes in the movie, but it was neat to see a DVD-ish feature in the theater. Well, maybe not neat, but interesting.