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Blankets, by Craig Thompson

I just finished Blankets, by Craig Thompson, author of Goodbye, Chunky Rice. It was good. So good, that when I put it down after 250 pages last night, and tried to go to sleep, I had to get up and finish it. I will have to read it again, but for now, it is still all soaking in. The artwork is fabulous, the story is incredibly rich and touching and true.
The story flits between childhood and highschool, first love and Bible camp, and the fear of finding your own identity. There is no sentimentality in this book. The love is real, and passionate, and ultimately fleeting. The exhiliaration the main character feels leaps off the page and into the reader. The lows are crushing.
I need to read the book again. Give it a little more time to soak in.
As an aside, I used part of Goodbye, Chunky Rice in the introduction to an article I wrote a coupla years back: Comics Vs. the Net: Can Comics as We Know Them Last Forever?. Not a bad article. ;)


i agree. i just started reading it yesterday in a bookstore and read a whole section then decided i had to have it. i started over again at 1:30 in the morning and read 130 pages, then made myself put it down because it was so late. but it's so addictive, so amazing. i haven't loved a book this much in a long time.