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blogging talk outline v1

I have the first outline put together for my upcoming blogging talk.
Any comments are appreciated.

  1. What is a Blog?

    1. Slashdot

    2. Use.perl.org journals

    3. High School Diaries

  2. What software exists for setting up a blog?

    1. Hosted Services

      1. Blogger

        1. http://www.blogger.com/

        2. Now owned by google, integrates with Google Toolbar v2.0

        3. Can also post to your server via FTP.

      2. LiveJournal

        1. http://www.livejournal.com

    2. Services that can be installed on your own server

      1. Blosxom

        1. http://www.blosxom.com/

        2. Simple, no DB required and a single file can run the site.

        3. Template based

      2. MovableType

        1. http://www.movabletype.org

        2. Template Based

      3. GreyMatter

        1. http://www.noahgrey.com/greysoft/

      4. Slash

        1. http://slashcode.com/

  3. How can I use perl to post to my site?

    1. Blogger API

      1. The original

    2. Movable Type Extended API

    3. Net::Blogger

    4. Net::Blogger::MovableType

    5. MT.pm

  4. Alternative Interfaces

    1. Cell Phones

    2. Email

    3. Instant Messenger

  5. What APIs are out there to find out who is talking about my site?

    1. Trackback

    2. Technorati

    3. Good Ol' Fashioned Google

      1. link:http://www.yoursitehere.com/

  6. How can I syndicate my site or find out when other people have updated their sites?

    1. HEAD

    2. RSS/RDF

      1. 0.9.1

      2. 1.0

      3. 2.0

  7. What does the future hold?

    1. Echo/ATOM API

    2. Syndication formats?

    3. Semantic Web?

  8. Questions?


One thing you don't mention in your post is whether this is a talk about blogging or if it is a talk about what you can do with Perl in relation to blogging. I will assume it is the latter unless you say otherwise.

Right now, the outline sort of seems all over the place. Being that this is a talk for Perl programmers, I think a lot of this can be cut or condensed. Sections 1 & 2 should definately be combined and 3 & 4 also.

You may also want to talk about particular plug-ins as examples. For MT stuff you should check out mt-plugins.org

These are just some initial thoughts. I hope they help.