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goose island festival

Chad and I went to the goose island music festival last night. The concert was held at the A. Finkl & Sons steel factory. Right by the river @ Southport & Clybourn in Chicago. The lineup was Yakuza, the Waco Brothers, Bob Mould, Guided By Voices and Sonic Youth.
Yakuza: dunno. drinking.
Waco Brothers: eh. ok. drinking.
Bob Mould: I don't know of many performers that can hold together an entire show with just themselves on guitar (12 string acoustic, and then an electrict). His voice is amazing. Lots of performers sound like garbage without the studio engineers, but Bob's voice carried across the entire factory, sounding as good, if not better than his albums. I made Chad a Bob Mould fan last night. Oh, and also some drinking.
Guided By Voices: Great music. Robert Pollard is a total cock-rocker, though. I am not up enough on this band to know if he really thinks he is as cool as he wanted to be, or if he is just an asswipe. Some choice lines, "Are you ready to rock and roll?" "We are gonna fight on, right on!" "Maybe if you're lucky I'll take my dick out for you!" The band was really great, musically, but fuck that guy. We spent half of their set in the food tent eating quesadillas from Fronterra grill. And drinking. My flask was drained of all it's beautiful Knob Creek by this point.
Sonic Youth: I have waited 10 years to see them. I am a moron for not doing it sooner, but oh well. These guys are old (except for Jim O'Rourke, but he is knew). Lee Ranaldo has grey/white hair and a craggy face. But unlike when I saw Wire at the Metro a couple of years ago, or when I saw the Stones on HBO, their age does nothing to damper the sound or energy of the music. Songs I only kinda liked from NYC Ghosts & Flowers and Murray Street sounded better than I could have imagined. And some of the older material (Catholic Block from Sister and Expressway to Yr Skull from EVOL) were great as well. The show ended with a 15 minute version of Expressway. I couldn't have asked for a better night. Well, Teenage Riot would have been great, but they did play Skip Tracer and 100%.
Best $25 I have spent in a LOOOOOOOOOONG time. Pictures and a 1 minute video clip of SY to come..........


cool. bob mould is great. over the last couple years, i have become friends with grant hart. he is just as entertaining with a guitar and nothing else. he is playing at the bottom lounge on the 30th i think. i totally recommend it to everyone and anyone. GbV are a band that really helps if you are totally into them. cuz yeah, bob pollard is totally into himself / it. i have a video of them in La and they play for over 3 hours. like 7 encores. and they always get wasted wasted wasted. they are really good if you know the songs. he is so damn prolific though, it is hard to keep up. but if you know like ten songs, you know them all. he just redid and album by a band from like 15 years ago called phantom tollbooth. which is a feature length cartoon from the early 70's maybe. really good. i just watched it the other night. but anyway, they took all the vocals off the album and gave it to bob and he recorded all new vocals over it. it sounds cool. anyway, nice review. i need to blog. i need to geek out more. it gets me going. i want to do so much though. anyway, i am rambling...