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project greenlight is some funny stuff

I always had an idea about how much of a clusterfuck making a feature film really is, but HBO's project greenlight solidified it for me. Take some amateur/independent filmmakers, give them a million dollars, and tell them that they have to produce a sellable feature film in a really short period of time.
check out their site for more details, I won't rehash the concept here.
The production of The Battle of Shaker Heights seems troubled, if you watch the show. The movie also seems overly dramatic and cheesy at times. Last night, they showed a conference call with the Miramx marketing department that re-arranged the direction of the editing. The text from the marketing pitch sounds just like the trailer for the movie that is showing now. The trailer looks really, really funny, too. I am shocked. The humor seems to be going for a sort of Rushmore quirkiness.
The decision by commitee, the sheer amount of people needed to execute anything, makes me wonder why people go to all that trouble.
But then I watch a movie and I remember why. I love DV filmmaking, but seeing a magnificent film is like seeing nothing else. Not that the project greenlight film is magnificent, i'm just saying. I can understand why people go through all of this mess to make films.