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First iTunes Music Store Purchase

I registered for the iTunes music store to enter their iPod a day drawing, but had no real intention of using it. Then I saw that there was a re-released 2 disc version of Sonicy Youth's Dirty. A couple of quick price checks later and i had purchased it from iTunes.
The files are the protected AAC files, but the sound quality is really nice and pretty much only listen to stuff on my computer or iPod anyway. Even through the stereo, I hook the iPod up to it.
I am worried at how easy it is to buy albums. Then i looked at the prices on some of them. $ for some albums, $13 for others. I thought there was supposed to be a savings. Oh wait. That is for the labels. The artists don't really make any substantial amount from this service, so I guess that is like the status quo.
Anyway, it is a great SY album. ;)