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tracey and I went to see schadenfreude last night at Arlington Height's newish Metropolis Performing Arts Center. The sketch comedy show is a recent addition to our local public radio station WBEZ's sunday night lineup.
I had heard about the show through radio spots, but on sunday nights my heart (and eyeballs) are generally with HBO. Well, that will probably not change from seeing the show, but I will at least set my mac to record the stream of the show down from the internet. ;)
Our friend Shiow works on the show as sometimes-director, editor, jack of all trades, and she invited us to see the live show. Having not seen any on-stage comedy since the last time we went to the Neo-Futurarium to see Too Much Light Makes The Baby Go Blind, i didn't know what to expect. I take that back. I expected more political jokes for some reason. No matter, the material was hilarious, starting right out with a sketch where the 3 characters are all acting crazy, dressed crazily and completely silent. Then they launch into a tirade about what a stupid idea it is to do a visual bit for the radio. ;)
Anyway, check out some of the streams from WBEZ to listen in for your self. Funny, funny stuff.