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iLife 04

I just installed iLife 04 from apple and here are my initial thoughts:
The import process from my iPhoto3 library somehow found 56 "recovered" files. Huh? 34 of them were apparently completely transparent and had no relation to files on disc. Odd. Performance was kinda spotty. I was expecting speed, but it was kinda choppy. Will be giving it another spin tomorrow. It did let me browse all 25000 songs from my iTunes collection in no time at all. First time I tried loading that bad boy up in iPhoto3 i thought my machine had crashed. I will post more about iTunes stupid XML format later.

Ok. Nothing changed. See above comment on stupid XML format.

Again, same zippiness with the iTunes library, plus the extra basic features are nice. I often use iMovie to capture troublesome miniDV tapes that final cut balks at, and the extra trimming features are a welcome addition.

This program is sooooooooooooooo wonderful. The included themes are superb, but I could do without the apple logo on them. (that is a preference, and a dumb one at that. I did see an artist at last year's Art Chicago that forgot to turn it off. He/she was selling DVDs for lots of money with the little logo on them. ;) ). The DVD map feature looks neat, but I haven't tried it. I should learn how to make templates for iDVD.

GarageBand (iRawk?!?!)
GarageBand is very, very nice. A friend of mine has already laid down 11 tracks in it! I just dabbled and recorded some "twinkle, twinkle little star" on the keyboard. The sound synthesis is excellent and it is very easy to use. And ya gotta love the wood borders. ;)

Ok. Enough apple praise. Look for a rant tomorrow.


Still awaiting that rant!