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big release for MTRecentImages

Ok. After this post, i will get to some more interesting things, such as my growing interest in ruby, more fun music stuff and some random garbage. Once my schedule starts to even out, look for more regular postings.

Anyway, thanks to some helpful comments, i have added a few new features to the plugin.

  • Offset to start the list of images off after N images
  • Include/Exclude categories by name or number
  • Image details can be generated as well as image thumbnails.

The plugin can be downloaded from http://www.multiply.org/perl/mtplugs/ and be saved right over your old plugin. You can also read the documentation for the plugin at that link.

What I would like to do is compile a list of people using the plugin and show off some nice examples. If you use it and want me to add you to the list, trackback this post or post a comment.

A couple of the sites that I know are using it come from the very people that helped me form this new functionality. Thanks everyone!!! * rearviewWindow.com * Everything New York * Geren Mortensen * Central Maryland Photographers' Guild


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