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quest for a photographic workflow........

Now that i have my 20D and tracey has my Canon S50 we have a problem. Let me back up a bit. We have had a problem for a loooooooooong time.

I went to school for photography. I shoot all the time. I also collect photoraphs that i find, or from my family or a book or a pile of garbage i pass by. Also, i used to run a digital imaging lab at a downtown service bureau and I had access to a drum scanner. This whole equation leaves me and tracey with lots of photographs. In case you are wondering what a lot is, let me break it down for you:

  • organized and archived digital image CDs (~650MB each) (jason only): 60 (38 GB)
  • organized and archived digital image DVDs (~4.7GB each) (family): 14 (63GB)
  • Random stuff on my hard drive that i haven't archived yet: 25 GB
  • Black Binders (the besseler ones, my favorites) filled with negatives or transparencies: 10. Each of these has somewhere around a hundred sheets of film.
  • Boxes of photos that i have found: 12. Each has 500-2000 photos in it.

Grand Total: An unweildy mess.

So. Over the next couple of weeks I will be examining several solutions for dealing with this problem.

My requirements are: * Mac OS X compatible * Automatically import pictures from my EOS 20D and Tracey's S50. * Allow me to search for pictures on offline media. * Allow me to tag photos with custom metadata. * Integrate well with photoshop for editing. * Help organize for burning or exporting.

In fact, i have created a spreadsheet that i will be using to evaluate the different options. View my requirements (and their relative weightings) as a PDF file.


I honestly haven't found anything better than iview media pro, which is pricey, but it is very fast, even with thousands of photos. The crappy part is that I am addicted to iphoto's "enhance" button, which is so unpredictable that I find myself doing it to every picture I like, just to see what happens. But, iphoto is *so* slow with lots of pictures. Basically I have no good answer.

so far iView looks nice and is roughly the same price as portfolio.

My evaluation is in its early stages, but so far this is an interesting process.

Tiger's OS level RAW support could play a big part here, as well. I will need to wait until friday, though, to see how that shakes out.