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doughty on letterman

Bill pinged me over IM on tuesday to let me know that Mike Doughty was going to be on David Letterman that night. I was busy, but i told the tivo to snag it for me so i could watch it later. Tonight i watched it and converted it to a quicktime file so all could see!


Download the video via BitTorrent and while you are at it buy "Haughty Melodic" at Amazon.com (if you haven't already).

I still remember the first time I heard Soul Coughing. We knew that they were opening for They Might Be Giants at the Barrymore in Madison, so we went out and bought Ruby Vroom (i think tracey was the first to get it, or possibly the only one to get it at that time). They were one of the best opening bands i have seen and quickly became a favorite.

I just picked up "Haughty Melodic" this afternoon and it is nice. I have heard some of that material live or on the previous EPs and i feel like his recorded band is not quite the right fit for his material. Not bad by any means, but kinda plain. I will be giving it a couple more listens this weekend and we'll see how it turns out.

Random Doughty/Soul Coughing stuff:

  • I was apparently very excited that they used the phrase "the 5% nation of nipple clamps" in a song. So excited that i bugged my friends about it during the show, as if that phrase was the best thing about the show.
  • Doughty wrote his song for the McSweeny's book AFTER getting the comic from Chris Ware. I know because i asked him at Martyr's. He seemed to think it was a stupid thing to ask.
  • I think doughty's songs for other albums are kinda lame and extreeeeeeeeeeemely literal. See the McSweeny's song and his contribution to the "Future Soundtrack of America." When i heard that song live, i told Tracey that i thought it should be used for a MoveOn.org commercial. Well, it kinda was!
  • I drunkenly told Doughty's one time keyboard player, "The Doveman" Thomas Bartlett (read his blog here)that there was an awesome place called Tommy Bartlett's robot world in Wisconsin. Which i thought was cool because that is his name.


great minds think alike ! Soul Coughing is one of my all-time favorite bands and I saw them twice in New York back when they were together.

also thanks for the Myghty demo at ChiPy, hope it went well.

- mike

Hi Mike!

The myghty demo went pretty well. The night was packed with presentations, so it was a lot for people to take in. I am going to polish up my example with some slides to serve as a demo. When i have it done i will let you know.

also, did you manage to download this video? I seem to be having some trouble with the server side seeding...

Hey! I want to download this but it seems as if the torrent is not seeding! Is there any way you could send it my way? YouSendIt.com ?

i am using the broadcast machine software to seed this file and it seems a bit cranky. I need to follow up with them about it. In the meantime, you can snag the file from here: http://www.multiply.org/notebook/video/doughty_on_letterman.mov