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iView is rocking my (photographic organization) world

My tests from a while ago stopped being scientific. I really didn't find much to compare except iPhoto, iView MediaPro and Portfolio and when i started directly comparing iView and Portfolio, well, Portfolio just looked sad.

The basic reasoning behind my choice of iView hinges around these features:

  • Importing is fast.
  • The 1500x1000 JPEG previews in my 20D's RAW files let me shoot RAW but manage with iView.
  • There are some excellent scripts out there for it to handle keeping multiple catalog files in sync and to import new images from a memory card.

Already, I have added our 14 2000-2004 digital photo archive DVDs (~5000 images for 49.6GB of media) to catalogs, as well as all of the images that i have shot since March with my 20D.

This program is very capable and I am still in the process of locking down my workflow. It is very close to complete, however, which is a huge leap from where I started.