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simple mason app added to Catalyst examples...

The recent perl.com article on Catalyst has me pretty excited.

I have been looking for a better way to use the power of Mason without the mess that most apps start falling towards. The features that catalyst provides look like the perfect fit for what i want to do, and it introduced me to HTML::Prototype, which has allowed me to do a quick ajax mockup for a work application in 19 minutes the other day. Nice.

After reading the article, i immediately started to change the app to use the Mason View instead of the default Template Toolkit view. Sebastien Riedel saw my post about it on the Mason discussion list and added it to the examples for Catalyst. I am flattered, especially since i only did about 15 minutes of monkey work to get this to work. :)

Download MiniMojo-mason from the Catalyst SVN repository.


Great job Jason! I was about to do the same thing myself when I found your post. This Catalyst stuff is very interesting, a path I am definitely moving towards.