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Talking Heads on Vinyl

I am currently listening to "Talking Heads 77" on my new turntable. I am just getting back into playing records (mainly because we have a couple crates of good records, but also because I want juliana to be able to impress the kids at school with her knowledge of "old tech"). Since i didn't want to spend a ton, i picked up a Denon DP-29F. Mixed reviews on Amazon, but it has a built-in preamp, so i can plug it in anywhere, which is nice.

When Tracey and I brought out the records we found that we had a bunch of Talking Heads ("Talking Heads 77", "Remain In Light", "Fear of Music", "Naked" and "True Stories"), some Leadbelly, a bunch of Opera and Classical stuff, some old Disney and kid storybook stuff and even Neil Young's "After the Gold Rush", which is one of my favorites.

The turntable, receiver and speakers are currently on the futon in the basement, which is less than ideal, but it is a start until we find a good place for this gear.

As if I needed more music to listen to!