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Polaroid Colorpack II

I have been carrying around an old Polaroid Colorpack II land camera for a few years now. It has followed me from apartment to apartment, but i never bothered to see if i could still get film for it until this weekend.

To my surprise, i could get film for it. This camera takes Polaroid 100 series film, which is fairly readily available. This kind of film comes in packs of 10 and peels apart. The one i have still even has a dozen unused flashbulbs in the case!

Before i read the loading instructions here: [HowTo: Using a Polaroid Pack Camera] i ruined one of the packs of film. Goodbye 12 dollars! I didn't need you anyway.

After reading the instructions, I loaded the film with no trouble and managed to get a few shots off. I posted the first four as a set on flickr.



You have a colorpackII?? PLEASE help me load this thing!! i cant find instructions anywhere. i followed the link you have up top but it is ver yunclear on how to load the colorpack II... please, im wasting pack after pack of film!!

was just given one of these camera's. now i know what film to use.
: )

Is your's also a colorpack II?

I just bought myself over ebay.

so the film to be used is Polaroid 100 series film?

can we do image transfer

Where did you find your film??