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Chicago User Group Goodness

Chicago seems to be buzzing lately, with all sorts of fun stuff.

I have always been active in the user groups in the area, but lately things have really been picking up. Attendance at the perl, python and ruby meetings has been growing at a healthy clip and we are even starting to do more cross-language events (even if this one was being pitched as a fight. ;) ).
Thursday saw the first Perl and Python social event in chicago. A bunch of snakes and camels piled into a crowded Monk's pub on lake, talked code, made introductions, had beer spilled on us by drunk lawyers and stumbled home through chicago's first big snowstorm of the season.

For a couple of upcoming examples, there will be a cross language hack fest for Selenium on Tuesday, December 13th, hosted by ThoughtWorks. Also, the Yet Another Perl Conference North America, which will be held here in Chicago, has extended room out to the local language groups.

Despite the recent fun, one thing that i have found myself doing (and regretting) is spending more time on the language bickering itself over the spirit of an open, dynamic language. People bitching about perl can suck it, since perl pays my bills. :) In all seriousness, though, while everyone has the desire to defend their choices, i really see everyone learning something from the idea pollination that has been happening.

2005 has been, and 2006 looks like it will shape up to be, a great time for Beautiful Dynamic Languages.