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Selenium Hackfest

I went to the Selenium Hackfest that was sponsored by the Chicago Ruby Users Group and hosted at ThoughtWorks with Chris, Eric and Garret from work.

The purpose of the event was to investigate a few patches and improved the ruby driver support for Selenium. Chris and I tried to integrate and test the Frame Support patch from James Wang, but ran into a lot of trouble. The patch is fairly large and we were both completely unfamiliar with Selenium's internals. I need to post our results to the Selenium Dev List and try to contact James as well, to get a better feel for what was done and what i need to do to understand it.

Update: James contacted me and gave me some more info on the patch. Hopefully this will help me integrate and test it better!

I have a vested interest in having frame support, since the main application i want to test sadly uses iframes to poorly mimic Excel's "Freeze Panes" feature.

The event itself was a lot of fun, even though i didn't technically accomplish anything. Also, this was probably my final user group event of the year.


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