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Joe Sacco Comic on Iraq Torture Case

I haven't read any of Joe Sacco's work until now, but this 8 page piece in the Guardian (pdf file) is excellent.

Comics are a weird beast. Not film, not literature. Journalism? In this case, definitely. In others, not so much. The incompleteness of the drawings, the pacing left to the viewer, the lack of voice, demands more of the reader. I have read dozens of stories like this, listened to broadcasts about the abuse in Iraq and Afghanistan and Guantanamo Bay, but none have had nearly the same effect as this short, simple story.

I will definitely be picking up more of Sacco's work in the future...



How about some work on the SO-CALLED TRIAL(????) of THE AUSTRALIAN David HICKs in Cuba in the next few weeks. See the websites for and his lawyer .

Keep on Smiling!!!!!


Joe Sacco did great work, his stories from Palestina and Bosnia are true art.