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gearing up for YAPC::NA!!!

I am getting excited about YAPC::NA. The conference starts Monday and promises 3 days of perl talks, a huge focus on Perl 6 and many other topics. Over 400 perl developers and community members will be in attendance and be hanging out around Chicago.

Last year i tried to go up to Toronto for YAPC, but work interfered. Work is a conference sponsor this year and I am giving two talks. I will definitely not be missing this year's conference. Also, most of our development is going to the conference and some people are taking advantage of the master classes on Thursday and Friday.

The conference schedule is a pretty amazing thing. 3 days of 4 tracks makes for some hard choices. I still have not planned out my schedule yet.

I also have not finished writing my presentations yet. I have spent the last couple of days doing stream of consciousness note-taking for my two talks, "Successful and Maintainable Testing for Database Backed Applications" and "Leveraging Mason to Build a Flexible, Localized Framework." These are not foreign topics for me, but i am still bringing everything together.

My mason talk will be short and sweet and present a fairly simple use of the framework that is not very well documented or discussed on the mailing lists. I am very excited to get to meet Dave Rolsky, since i owe so much of my career to HTML::Mason, but i also get to follow his presentation, which will be pretty exciting. My testing talk has been a challenge, however. As work pushes me in different directions, i often find myself cheerleading for our testing efforts, but not necessarily sitting down and banging out the code to test our application. So far, pulling the presentation together has brought my focus back to some of the threads in my work that i have let linger, and ultimately re-energized me for the tasks ahead.

I hope to see some of you out at the conference next week!!!

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