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Inaugural Meeting of the Right Honorable Rudolph Hering Society

So Chris decided that he would finally do what we have been talking aobut for a while and create a language agnostic programmer's user group. The first meeting was freeform over dinner at the Lincoln Restaurant and featured a presentation on the Lua programming language. There were no laptops and no projectors, but there was a lot of lively debate. What are we all doing here? How does language and culture affect programming? Will the American influence on development keep up in 20 years? In 50? What is Parrot?

The meeting was fun and lacked any language defensiveness. Chris asked that everyone introduce themselves by saying what they do and what user groups they participate in. The group was a mix of members from LUNI, 2600, Chicago.pm, ChiPy, TechCoffee, Chicago Lisp users group and other free spirits.

We are not going to do monthly meetings, but the mailing list has been pretty lively, so discussion is happening, even if it isn't on a regular schedule. This was more fun than i have had at a user group event in quite some time.