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there is just so much wrong with this video

ZDNet and Microsoft have these ads playing right now where a "Developer Evangelist" is standing at a whiteboard espousing how awesome visual studio is.

I actually watched one of these, and it was focused on the visual studio team system. The video is like watching a minor nightmare. The thrust of the entire presentation is that for each of the "roles" on a project, there is a tool to cut off the need for persons of that role to speak to or work directly with persons of a different role. The roles are familiar: developer, architect, tester, build manager and project manager. It is nice that MS is looking at ways to facilitate collaboration, but sharing responsibility and building up a cross functional team is a much better solution in the long run for everyone involved.

Granted, i am judging a tool and an entire corporate philosophy based on one goofy advertainment spot, but i think it is a good picture of the super tool heavy view of development that has infected so much of the software industry. Busines and development knowledge trumps tools knowledge any day.