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new titles (from the divine invasion)

Probably it was necessary that he not remember. Had he been able to recall into consciousness everything, the basis of it all, then the government would have killed him. (the divine invasion p 50)

At once she turned. And as she turned he saw her change. Her nose became different and instead of a girl he saw now a grown woman wearing a metal mask pushed bak so that it revealed her face, a Greek face; and the mask, he realized, was the war mask. (the divine invasion p 50)

Dancing certainly was the right answer; in his mind he could see her dancing, with all the troop, burning the grass beneath their feet, leaving it scorched and the minds of men disoriented. (the divine invasion p 68)

Now, as he sat leaning over her, he saw her eyes shine; he saw spaes beyond her eyes, and if he were looking into something empty, containing huge stretches of space. (the divine invasion p 93) [and should be as???]

Your world obliges you, and that gives it away for what it is. My world is stubborn. It will not yield. A recalcitrant and implacable world is a real world. (the divine invasion p 163)

"I don't mean to compound your troubles, but you are the most fucked-up human being I have ever met. And I see a lot of different kinds of people." (the divine invasion p 211)

"We will win. We have already won. We have always already won, from the beginning, from before reation. What do you take in your coffee? I forget." (the divine invasion p 237)