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new titles (from valis)

what he did with the Xerox one, which really wasn't a letter in the strictest sense of the term, I do not to this day know, nor do I want to know. (valis, p 106)

And then as I wake up more I realize that I am living in an apartment in southern California alone. I have no wife. There is no such house, with the back garden and the high retaining wall with wild rose bushes. (valis p 114)

attempting to salvage something from the wreck of his life, had decided to go in search of the Savior. He would find him wherever he was. (valis p 123)

The lights dimmed; the audience of teenagers fell silent (valis p 139)

This means that good will make evil into what evil does not wish to be; but evil will not be able to make good into what good does not wish to be. Evil serves good, despite its cunning. (valis p 200)