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ArtNet note


In a blurb on yesterday's ArtNet news about Flatfile's recent expansion (congratulations, Susan!!!), my piece ORD 09112001 (quicktime required) was given a positive review.

Also, if you have not had a chance to make it to the new flatfilecontemporary space it is fabulous. Make some time to go over there and congratulate Susan, Aaron and David on their new space and great show.

Also, see my original posting about the piece and the show: ORD 09112001 @ FLATFILE April 25th


ok, ORD 09112001 could have take place anywhere with blue skys... so I suppose the "viewer" (reciver) must
belive the "author" (sender) humm what is it was called empty sky 09102001?
I understand the relivence in ration to 9/11 and no flights over ORD but kind hard to belive it the actual location
Nice idea ...


belive it my friend. it is the truth. thru and thru, it's truthfullness can not be denied. we are sorry, kevin, very sorry, that you fail to see this blaring example of undeniable truth.

well, trust is something the viewer needs to believe any work. It is up to you to trust or connect with the work. There are no rules for artwork. you take what you will...