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new projects coming soon...

hi all (all 2 of you. ha!).

I am working on some slick new director stuff with mr multimedia superstar himself and we are rapidly approaching cool demo stage. Yay. Look for it soon(tm).

Also, more game-ish stuff coming up, hopefully to be exhibited installation style next summer at flatfile, but shown up here on my site soon(tm).

Also, I just quit my day job so i have much more free time until I settle in to a new position. mmmmmmmm. imaging lingo here I come.....


what would it take to get you back in your day job? 1, 2 million? the new guy, Jeff, came today. he seems nice. i hope it works out ok. he has already said that you are much more advanced than him. that kind of scares me. hope all is well. i dont know how it couldnt be. later.

Jo man jou wanna job?

I know a guy... var long drive but a good spot.

Drop me a line