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Aquacade Videos + a quick note

Bill and I checked out Aquacade I Thursday night at the Empty Bottle. We also grabbed a bite @ Bite (ha!), next door. Bite had great food and was super cheap. I had so much pasta I could barely fit a Harp in my belly afterwards. I did, of course. I am tough like that. Pushing forward and all.

Anyway, Aquacade was a poetry/prose reading & rock show organized by the Silver Jews frontman David Berman. I will post more full notes + pics later, but I have put up the videos that Bill and I shot with my digital camera.

(please note: you will need quicktime to view the videos.

  • Part of David Berman's opening monologue:
    small (56k) medium (100k) large (300k)
  • Nearly all of the Silver Jews song "New Orleans," performed with Chestnut Station:
    small (56k) medium (100k) large (300k)
  • Some of the Silver Jews song "How To Rent a Room," performed with Chestnut Station:
    small (56k) medium (100k) large (300k)


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thanks one million for these, please keep them upline for awhile if you can, also, if you can pls post more, i drove 225miles and was shut out of this event, a shame, but your videos have made it better/or worse depending on mood.

either way, thanks.



That is a long ride. Hopefully the night wasn't a total waste. The videos will be up here as long as I have the server up. I also have a bunch of pictures of the other readers that I will post later.

Thanks for sharing these! Why'd Rent A Room get cut short?

sorry about the last one getting cut short. My memory card was getting full!



Hey, I was at that show as well. In fact, I have the "David, what do you call nuts on your chin?" cue card. Anyway: