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the matrix revolutions

The Matrix: Revolutions was definitely better than The Matrix: Reloaded, but still not a great movie. It seems to me that the Wachowski brothers had a neat idea for a really cool movie about guns and chicks in leather. And then people started reading in to it. I have to admit, "The Matrix" is a terribly endearing metaphor for daily life. Reloaded and Revolutions at times pummel us with overwraught indirectness. The oracle's dialog, especially gets to be a bit grating because you know that what she says will be repeated back to her. And then to another character. And then to another.
The religous symbolism is played down a bit in Revolutions, but the christ-like image of Neo sacrificing himself at the end is fairly obvious. The lack of underground cave-raves was defintely a big plus for Revolutions, though.
The opening up, creatively and conceptually, that happened with The Animatrix, was probably the best thing for the Matrix storyline. Giving another group of talented authors the opportunity to riff on this idea, that we are slaves in a reality that we are blind to, presented a really solid set of great speculative fiction. I think that set may have done more to keep me interested in the concept than either of the last two films, but there is something there.
When i think about it long enough, my main thoughts about the films can be summed up with a simple question. If you can alter the fabric of "reality," why can't you come up with a more creative solution than leather and guns?
These thoughts are fairly scattered, but I think the films as a set are pretty interesting. Like many interesting things, though, it is not the thing itself that may necessarily be sparking such interest. It may be the latent kernel of an idea that is resonating with people. Or people may like guns and leather. I figure it is a toss-up.


Make no mistake, the correct answer is guns and leather. Everything else is secondary.