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updated MTRecentImages plugin

Well, i have added automatic image thumbnail generation ( at Bill's request). I need to generalize one part of the code and removed my hardcoded hack before i release it, but i should be able to do that this evening. You can see the thumbnails in my recent images sidebar (halfway down the home page). The directory for the thumbnails is configurable as is the maximum size of the thumbnails. I don't want to make this too complicated, though, so I think that may be as far as these options go. Maybe i will add something to fetch remote images to make thumbnails as well, but for now this works solely on local images.


Looking good. What I really want, though, is for the thumbnail feature to have custom sizes (like making a 50 px x 50 px thumbnail of my 500 px x 300 px image).

you can specify the size of the thumbnails for any given MTRecentImages set. You could combine this with the only_category parameter to produce different sets and sizes of thumbnails for different categories.