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The Mighty Mason, or Another Brick in the Wall

What is Mason? The secretive cult that rules the world? How about the web application framework that will rock your world?

HTML::Mason is the web application framework behind Bricolage, Amazon and Salon.com to drop a few names.

On Wednesday, October 6th, i will be presenting a talk on Mason at the Chicago Perl Mongers meeting. The meeting will not be at our normal location in Vernon Hills. It will be at the Grayslake Public Library, north of Chicago, at 7PM. Please be punctual as we will need to be packed up by 8:45.

The talk will focus on HTML::Mason and show a practical example on how to take an existing CGI based web application and convert it to efficiently use (some of) the power of Mason. I will have code samples and the presentation slides posted here by Tuesday, October 5th.

Basic Outline: * What is HTML::Mason? * How do i use it? * Installation * Basic Syntax * Express Yourself. * Why do i need to use some fancy framework? * Re-use/Don't Repeat Yourself * Make the simple things simple, and hard things possible. * Mason tips * The Autohandler * The dhandler * Components * A practical example.

If anyone has anything specific they would like me to talk about, please let me know.