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Here W comes to save the day!!!

My buddy Dave Scott just finished up a really funny animation of George W. Bush and his crew singing an old cartoon theme song. Great stuff. :)

Here W comes to save the day!!!
You can snag Quicktime files of the video right here: NOTE: I have used 80GB of bandwidth for this so far, so let's spread the love. If anyone wants to host a mirror of this file, leave me a comment or email me and let me know. Otherwise, please use the excellent BitTorrent to snag the clips. And thanks to everyone who has seen the video so far and passed it along!!!
Medium Quicktime File (~6MB) via BitTorrent
Large Quicktime File (~16MB) via BitTorrent

Here is the first mirror for these files. To anyone that digs this movie, please let me know if you can provide any mirror space. Thanks!

Medium Quicktime File (~6MB)
Large Quicktime File (~16MB)


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This is phenomenally done. I was crying with laughter. And very true to the Andy Kaufman performance too. Bravo!

Tremendously entertaining. We need a good laugh one week out from the big day.

Ok, now where is the one that makes fun of Kerry? Let's not be partisan and one-sided here.

I think this is the best thing ever!Its Hilarious!

Mighty Mouse was the best, and this makes it even better!

I understand that Kerry has also been the subject of a Mighty Mouse theme song, but Bush is the true Mighty Mouse. The song is such a perfect illustration of what the Bush empire is really all about: His colleagues are actually doing all the work while he gets to stand in front, sing only two lines, and get all the credit. No wonder he can't stop smirking and sticks out his tongue at the end. WELL DONE!!!

I peed my pants!!!

GREAT work, Dave. Looks like you've been spending your free time away from work VERY productively. hehe

this is brillant. it would be good to see one with tony blair in it.