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Catalyst Vs. Ruby On Rails

I have constantly been on the hunt for a great framework for building web applications. My motivation is that writing web applications is 90% boring bullshit.

I have read a lot about Ruby On Rails, Django and Catalyst and have been experimenting with them all with varying degrees of interest and success.

Django is nice and has the advantage of being written in Python. I feel like it is too wrapped up in the style of the applications that birthed it as a framework, though. This fact has pushed Django off to the back for the time being. I am still keeping an eye on it, but my lazy eye is on that job.

Rails has the advantage of being awesome, but the disadvantage of being THE MOST AMAZING THING EVER, DHH 4 EVA. The hype bothers me, even if it is (partially) justified. I finished my first application with Rails this week and i like it a lot. I like ActiveRecord the most, but the whole framework is pretty nice.

Catalyst seems really scrappy to me, but is nice, if a bit rough around the edges. I am working on converting a couple of small mason applications over to it to see what works and what doesn't. The catalyst project could definitely use more tutorials and documentation. To that end, I am presenting an introduction to Catalyst at this month's Chicago.pm meeting. John W. Long of the Chicago Ruby user's group will be presenting on Rails.

Having a task and a deadline has really helped me to learn more about both frameworks and actually solve problems with them, rather than just dicking around with tutorials.

Once the presentations happen, I will post slides up and sample applications.

Anyone interested in attending the presentation can get more information on times and places for the meeting.


I'm very happy to hear that you've been looking into Catalyst. Remember, if you have unanswered questions, there's someone around pretty much 24/7 in the #catalyst channel at irc.perl.org. Also, it seems you tend to get an answer on our mailing lists as well.