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Comcast, stop being such a scaredy-cat

Tracey and I love the shows on HBO. I don't really watch much on tv past what is on basic cable, so we tried to get the ala carte HBO from comcast. Sounds good, right? Not so fast.

Apparently, Comcast has moved HBO only to digital cable. Let's examine this equation. Traditional cable is the scary wild west, where paying customers can copy content by simply connecting cables between devices. Digital cable is a brave new world, where normal cable controls don't apply. By switching hardware, the provider can control what you can and can't see even more than they could before.

So. We ordered the service, and the comcast rep was not very clear with us. When i came home today after the comcast installer was out, i found that he had completely bypassed my tivo. I realize now that this is because the box they gave us was a digital cable box where the RF will simply not work with my tivo. He didn't even say, "I am not connecting this to your tivo because it won't work with this." He just skipped it and left cables draping across the front of our tv shelf. I do NOT want to use the IR blaster crap with the tivo just for HBO.

So. I asked for a single channel and what i get is: a half hour wasted connecting my tivo and troubleshooting, followed by a 20 minute phone conversation where i needed to spend 15 of those minutes justifying to the rep why i felt my installation fee (only $16) should be refunded.

I have used comcast for my internet for 4 and a half years and love it. I have had virtually no problems. We ditched our directv so we could use a real series 2 tivo with basic cable and we suddenly have to fight with them to get straight answers and simple things like, "A channel."

Comcast: Stop being afraid of your customers. I pay your bills. The least you can do is sell what i want, not what you want me to want.

Now, if you will pardon me, i am off to find a torrent of last week's curb your enthusiasm. Thanks comcast!