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excellent set of polaroids for every day in 2001

Marcel Molina Jr is a core developer for Ruby on Rails and contributes to the entertaining (if perl and python dissing) Project.ioni.st Tumblelog (what the hell is a "tumblelog?" It seems like a blog, but with a different name and one of those clever URLs. Oh, and it seems very stream of consciousness and has many contributors.). I was checking out the profiles of the other contributors to Project.ioni.st and wandered over to his site. One section on the site has a polaroid for (nearly?) every day of 2001. I am a big fan of self-indulgent photography, so i spent a while this evening browsing through this set. There is some good stuff here. Do yourself a favor and go check them out.

Marcel Molina Polaroid

Also, to prove that i love self-indulgent polaroids, here is one of my own: One of my own self-indulgent polaroids

Totally mope-tastic.