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well done software sales

I recently ditched my palm tungsten e2 for a new treo 650. I was using the palm, but tiring of hooking up the usb cable to my little samsung phone to get net access that i could only really use on my laptop. Anyway, i bought a treo. It is a happy-making device.

Since palm support on the mac is a bit sketchy, i did some research and read some really positive review of the new Mark/Space Missing Sync for OS X. I used their software a couple of years ago with my first palm phone. It was pretty nice then, and the only option for syncing that phone with my mac.

I was happy to see that they offered me upgrade pricing even though i haven't purchased anything from them in over 2 years. They have a nice little form on their site that asks for your email address. If they have it, they send you a link for the discounted purchase price on their newest software. Super simple and super nice. If only more companies would make things that simple.